Loudsville Campmeeting

Loudsville Campmeeting

Old Time Meeting

By Chris Allen 7/20/2008

Loudsville Campmeeting is here again.
You should come if you have never been.
Friends and family come from everywhere.
Meals, fellowship, and tents they share.

Some folks grew up in this place.
Kids come for lots of fun, and games of chase.
Grown ups sitting around sharing the past.
Families have their own tents with lots of class.

Generations have been coming for 170 years.
Remembering love ones gone with tears.
Roots in this camp are so very deep.
Memories of years past are so sweet.

Excitement in the hearts of everyone.
They know it's a week of love and fun.
Old time preaching in the morn, and at night.
Some have been working for weeks to make it right.

Smiles on faces as everyone arrives.
Campmeeting is all these folks style.
Some are older, and hard to get around.
They come for there is no better place found.

To spend time, and catch up on things,
That only a camp meeting can bring.
Children are now bringing their children here.
Their parents brought them and made it so dear.

Memories are still being made every year.
Only Loudsville Campmeeting can bring such cheer.

"Ya'll Come Back" you hear.

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