Loudsville Campmeeting

Loudsville Campmeeting
July 21-27, 2003
Miracle Babies

Introduced to the congregation

During last years meetings, both of these babies hospitalized due to low birth weight. The prayers of this group, plus many more, have been answered as both are growing up to be healthy, happy children.

Seth Hubbard, son of Holly and Jason Hubbard, and grandchild of Peg and Jim Hubbard, was born 14 weeks early at 1 lb. 10 oz. After 121 days in the NICU and several surgeries, Seth is a happy, healthy kid.

Cheyanne Fain is the daughter of Chey and Jeremy Fain, and granddaughter of Rae and Ronnie Fain. She too was born early, endured surgery, and is a miracle baby.

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