Loudsville Campmeeting

Loudsville Campmeeting
July 22-28, 2002

Those who make it happen.

Preacher John

John E. Heckman
Host Pastor

His first year at Loudsville

Gerald S. Thurman
Evangelist Gerald Thurman

Gerald is pastor of the Gainsville First United Methodist Church.

Jim Bocine

Evangelist Jim Bocian

Pastor of Toccoa First United Methodist Church

Bob Langford

Music Director Bob Langford
Pastor of Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church
Cleveland Georgia

Elaine Simmons

Elaine Simmons
Piano for Services
and the Children's Program

Mary Ann Allison

Mary Ann Allison

Jim & Wesley

Wesley Pardue and Jim Hubbard
Sound System

Youth Leaders

Jean Ollis, Dylan Jordon, and Jane Bush
Children and Youth Coordinators

Alan Allison

Alan Allison
Children Sound


Margaret Turner and Janice Harkins
(with Drew)
Lemonaide Ladies
Served at every Children's Event

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